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Pilots & Stewardesses Party


After the succes of last year's party, EUROAVIA proudly presents the second edition of our 'Pilots and Stewardesses party'.

Depart together with us in 't ElixIr at 22h and prepare yourself for a turbulent partyflight which will only land in the early morning hours (or crash, for some).

On board we'll be providing liters of Kerosene (beer + cola), Hellfire (Elixir) or good old Rocket Fuel (stella)! Everyone on board!


Gliding Sessions

(Summer, annual)

During the summer holidays EUROAVIA Leuven organises two gliding sessions. We kindly invite you to join us in the idyllic Zutendaal where LZC Zutendaal will briefly introduce you to the essentials of gliding. After this introduction everyone can enjoy gliding for the rest of the day!

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