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Sustainable Aviation

(25 February 2020)


-Lecture will be in English-

The European Green Deal mandates climate neutrality in the European Union before 2050. What are the challenges that the aviation industry currently faces? What is being done to pave the path towards sustainable aviation?

Since sustainable modes of transport will continue to be a hot topic, EUROAVIA Leuven invited some experts currently working on possible solutions to give their opinion and explain how their work could shape the aviation industry of tomorrow. Afterwards there will be a reception where students and speakers can network and have a drink.

🕗20h15: Doors
🕢20h30: Speakers
🥂22h00: Reception

We hope to see you there!


The Big Return in 2024?

(Koen Geukens, 15/10/19)


-Lecture was in Dutch-

NASA heeft plannen om in 2024 voor het eerst, na een pauze van bijna 50 jaar, opnieuw mensen op de maan te landen onder hun gloednieuwe "Artemis"-programma. Een realistische doelstelling? Wat zijn de uitdagingen die hierbij komen kijken? Wat kunnen we leren uit het verleden, het Apollo-programma?

Koen Geukens van de Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde (VVS) leidde je dinsdag 15 oktober door een verhaal over de grootste sprong die de mensheid ooit gemaakt heeft en hoe nu, meer dan 50 jaar later, de ogen van de wereld opnieuw op onze naaste buur gericht zijn.


Direct Metal Printing in Aerospace (3D Systems, 2018)


Direct metal printing, or DMP, is a relatively new and versatile production technique. By directly melting metal powder with a laser, previously impossible shapes can be realised with high accuracy. 3D Systems started in 1983 as a pioneer in 3D printing. In 2014, it bought Layerwise, a KU Leuven spin-off with over a decade of experience with DMP. Besides medical products, the aerospace industry is an important market for the company, with clients such as ESA, Airbus and Thales Alenia Space.

Koen Huybrechts is a project engineer working for 3D Systems. In this lecture he discussed the technical side of DMP for aerospace and the possibilities and challenges it poses. He also showed some of the past and current projects of 3D Systems.

The lecture was (as always) free and open for everyone. Afterwards there was a nice and small reception.

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