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Information for companies

Is your company interested in collaboration with Euroavia Leuven? Take a look at the options!


Euroavia Leuven is financially depending on sponsoring from companies. Is your company interesting in supporting Euroavia? Take a look at our sponsor brochure which includes the sponsor menu and the advantages your company can recieve!

Company visit

To give students, who are mostly only used to sitting at a school desk, a look behind the scenes can be a great experience. Is your company interested to show its facilities to curious engineering students? Be sure to contact us to discuss the details!


Euroavians are eager to get to know the future prospects, challenges and the last innovations in the aviation and space industries. Can your company provide a speaker who is able to perform a lecture in an auditorium in Leuven? The reception afterwards also provides a perfect opportunity to network with the students.


Career Track

Workshops to connect companies and students, with an eye on a future career in the aerospace sector. That is the concept of the career track. Is your company interested in giving an interactive company talk and get access to the 'high potentials' of your sector? Be sure to check the sponsor brochure and contact us for more info!  



To find out more about Company Relations, you can contact us via

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